Choosing the Right Tablet for Yourself


No matter if you are buying your first tablet or you already have one, you should choose it very carefully. There are so many options on the market so you have to know what your priorities are. We are going to help you to choose the ideal tablet for you through few steps.


Purpose of the tablet

You have to know what your needs are – do you want to watch movies, type document, read articles, use photoshop?  Do you want to wear it in your purse? Do you need a webcam? Do you want a stylish, elegant tablet or design is not so important to you? Answer to all of these questions and the decision is already much easier.

Operating system

Android and iOS platforms are the most popular these days, but the Windows tablet category is growing rapidly. Amazon is also pretty good.

Android is developed by Google. You can download different apps from Google Play. It offers Google Now, Hangouts, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome Browser, Google Drive and many more. These services are available on iOS but the integration is smoothest on Android. The only drawback is that you have to optimize apps for tablet displays.

The iPad runs on iOS. It has a lot of interesting apps and accessories. The interface is accessible but it doesn’t customize much. These apps are more expensive than Android’s. The lack of parental control can be bad thing if your children are going to use your tablet, too.

Windows tablets work like your PCs or laptops so they are the best choice for business. You can run full version of Microsoft Office. There are over 200,000 apps in the Windows store but they are pricey and the quality is not so high.

Amazon’s tablets do not have the Play Store or any of Google’s apps but you can buy them from its own App Store. The App Store offers more than 300,000 different apps. These tablets are not so expensive so everyone can afford it. They have multi – user support and they are not complicate – you will learn to use it easily. The quality of apps is a bit lower and the interface is not so well – designed.



There is a plenty of features that are important but you have to know exactly what are you looking for. Do you want the smallest screen size or maybe you want the biggest screen of 13 inches? You should also pay attention to the resolution. If you want sharp picture choose 1080p or higher resolution. Go for quad – core processor and a decent amount of RAM. Purchase a tablet with a data connection if you want to use your device outside. It is also good to have a Wi-Fi. Always choose the newest operating system. Battery life is also very important, but you have to know that every battery will be much worse in 12-18 months. It is useful for tablet to have Bluetooth, expandable storage and NFC support.

Enjoy using your tablet!

Now, when you have read all our advices, you should be able to choose the best tablet for yourself and you should know what your priorities are. The only thing left to do is to shop and enjoy.


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