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RPGs or role-playing games are games in which you assume the roles of fictional characters. You act out these roles and take responsibility for all decisions and character development.

These games are played in a wide range of formats and every of them are quiet interesting. We will suggest you some of RPGs for iPhones and iPads.


Shadowrun: Dragonfall

This RPG is full of cyborg elves and magic-wielding mega corporations – it is strange combination of high tech and high fantasy. You will be skilled freelance operative who has to fight against mega corps and government. This version is improved – the save-game system is fixed and cyberpunk ambiance looks much better.


Final Fantasy Tactics: War of Lions

This game is made by legendary developers Square Enix. Both the original and the iPad versions are perfect. The story is full of drama and plot twists. There are also many unique characters. Graphics are classic but everything mixed together gives the blend of nostalgia and entertainment. The touch controls are intuitive so it is easy to manipulate. You can download it for $13.99.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars gams are pretty old. This one was made in 2003 and it was only for PCs. It hit the App Store in 2013 and it is very popular since then. You are able to create your own Jedi or Sith and lead them through a well-known story. For those who do not know the story takes place long time ago in a far, far away galaxy. Star Wars fans like it because of force abilities and deep character customization.



Oceanhorn is very similar to a real Zelda game. You will forget the fact that you are playing a mobile game if you use MFi-certified game controller. The game is great because of good, colorful graphics, a fun combat style and challenging tasks. It will never become boring because it has long story full of surprises.

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Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade II is six years old game but it is still relevant. Despite the time that passed by, it has 5-star rating on the App Store and the graphics still look incredibly modern. The world you are supposed to explore is huge and unfriendly so mastering this RPG is an interesting challenge. The game will take up 134 GB of space and it can be yours for $6.99.


Dungeon Hunter 5

If you are ready to download and play mobile game for a few hours without break this one is just for you.  It is a fantasy game with an in-depth storyline. It is made for smaller mobile screens so it is ideal for older models. Players are exploring ancient town, killing strange creatures and searching for armor. The game can be played with up to 3 additional gamers in co-op mode.



Simple, quick and funny RPG that is perfect if you do not have a lot of free time but you want some entertainment. Your task is to fight monsters and collect their loot when you kill them. At the beginning it looks easy but later it gets very hard to avoid injuries and death. The price is more than symbolic – $0.99.

The list of interesting RPG iOS games is long but we showed you our favorites. If you are real gamer and if you like some other game categories try any of 6 Best Open World Games.

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